Why Hire A Wedding Consultant?

Ask yourself these important questions:

  1. Who will manage the ceremony to make sure everyone is in place, enters at the correct moment and in the correct order?
  2. Who will make sure any guest soloists or speakers know where to stand and when to perform?
  3. Who will manage your reception and make sure everything from cutting the cake, toasts, announcements, special dances, bouquet/garter toss go smoothly and happen on time?
  4. Who will make sure all the vendors receive their payments on the wedding day and oversee their functions?
  5. Who will make sure that your limo (or other transportation) is waiting for you at the end of your reception?
  6. What happens if the caterer, DJ, or photographer is late or just doesn't show?
  7. What will your vendors be wearing at your wedding?
  8. Who will make sure that you'll be able to relax and confidently enjoy your special day?

The Total Wedding Experience!

Did you know that the average wedding can take over 200 hours just to plan? Not to mention the stress of dealing with different vendors (florists, photographers, caterers, videographers, linen companies, etc.) all while trying to get the best deal for your money. And in today's economy that's a huge factor. Then add to the mix, trying to juggle availability dates between them all. It's not long before what started out as planning the wedding of your dreams has become a "nuptial nightmare"!!

That's where we can help. We will help you plan your dream wedding by assisting you with vender selection, contract negotiation, ceremony & reception locations, theme development, transportation and creative suggestions on ways to make your budget go the farthest.

Or, if you have all your vendors picked out, contracts signed and everything pretty much in place, then we can assist in coordinating all the specifics for your wedding rehearsal and wedding day activities. Our professional coordinators will be on hand to be sure everything flows smoothly, supervise vendors and troubleshoot any problems that may arise so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy your wedding day with family and friends.

With The Total Wedding Experience you will feel secure in your choice of vendors and confident that our attention to detail, creativity and commitment to excellence will turn your dreams and expectations into reality!