Why Hire A Wedding Planner?

The compliant I hear most often from guests who have recently attended a wedding where there was no coordinator was how disorganized everything was.  No one knew what to do or who was responsible for what.  There were awkward moments and some things just got left out because no one knew when they were supposed to happen.  This is a once in a lifetime event.  Make it memorable for all the right reasons.

Given the abundance of resources available free on the internet, we can do this ourselves and not pay for a planner/coordinator.

A.   Absolutely!  But what you will find is that you're wading thru a mountain of information on virtually every aspect of planning your wedding and can quickly become overwhelmed.  And who has time for that?  Plus the responsibility of coordinating with all the different vendors ultimately falls on you.  Pretty soon your wedding feels more like a job than the joyous occasion it's meant to be.

A wedding coordinator came with the facility.  Why should we hire another coordinator?

A.  Keep in mind that a coordinator with the facility is there to take care of anything related to that facility only.  For example, a banquet hall coordinator will take care of the tables, chairs, linens, food, beverages and possibly even some minor decorating or table centerpieces.  They will not be there to attend to your needs.  They will not gather family members for photos or a receiving line.  They will not announce your arrival, coordinate the bouquet toss/garter toss, announce your first dance, or coordinate any other special requests that you may have.  And, they will not be there to trouble shoot any problems that may arise with your other vendors.  We had a client who was told by her church 'coordinator' that she didn't need another coordinator at the church.  She later found out that this 'church coordinator' would not be on hand to accept the floral delivery, distribute and pin flowers, assist the wedding party, gather family members for photo's, or clean up and make sure nothing got left behind.  Her main focus was to make sure that the wedding started on time and got out in time because they had another wedding scheduled after hers!  So, make sure of what exactly is 'included'.

We don't need a coordinator; we have family and friends helping us.

There is alot going on before the ceremony; distributing and pinning flowers, getting everyone lined up, making sure the music starts on time, cueing the bridesmaids, gathering everyone for pictures and your receiving line.  And that's just the Ceremony!  Don't leave all this to family members and friends!  You want to be able to enjoy your special day with them too!  And what happens if something goes wrong?

Help!  My fiance and I don't really belong to a church and we're having trouble finding someone to marry us.  And we don't really want a JP to marry us either.

A.   We can help!  The Total Wedding Experience has ordained, non-denominational Ministers to perform your ceremony.  And they will be happy to assist you with your vow selections.

We both have children from previous' marriages and would like to incorporate some vows for them into our ceremony.  Is this possible?

A.   Yes!  Our Ministers/Officiants have access to hundreds of different vow programs that include children and have performed many ceremonies that included children.  We encourage creativity and will be happy to customize your ceremony however you would like.

We're on a really tight budget.  In fact, we don't really have much money to spend on a wedding and reception but we know both our families expect us to do something.  Can you help?

A.   To all our Brides, (and Grooms!), we offer creative suggestions, money saving ideas, tips on stretching your wedding dollars and assistance in planning the wedding of your dreams within your budget. We now also offer some really great all-inclusive wedding packages for couples with a limited budget.  Call us for more information!